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Cassaro Pikler Climbing Triangle


Handcrafted using hardwearing and strong ply with New Zealand hardwood dowel rungs, this is our certainly our best climbing triangle. Super sturdy, safe and made to last.

Another reason we have dubbed it our best climbing triangle is because of it’s compact design. This is the big sister to the mini, which means you can neatly tuck the mini inside when it isn't being used. This is great for families with smaller spaces to avoid the dreaded clutter!

Perfect for indoor use, this climbing triangle is made for children, and can take up to 120 lbs. As it is made from natural materials and sourced from sustainable forests, the timber may differ in colour depending on species and location of the forests. This makes every product unique as a result of the gorgeous New Zealand timber. 

The great thing about the best climbing triangle is that it doesn’t need all the bells and whistles; its simplistic design gives kids a chance to let their imaginations run wild. Order now and create your own adventure playground!


  • 31" base x 30" high x 35" wide
  • Climbing rungs are 3 1/2" apart

Items are shipped flat packed for self-assembly.


Please note our orders can take 1 working day to be shipped via UPS. Thereafter, delivery time is dependent on your location for delivery. 

As our materials are natural, and sourced from New Zealand sustainable forests the timber may differ in colour depending on species and location of the forests. We trust you will embrace the uniqueness of our gorgeous timber. 

Safety information: 

Climbing equipment should always be placed on a soft but sturdy play surface, never concrete or hard ground. Never leave your children unsupervised. We advise letting them explore freely, but always be within a safe distance to assist them if required.

Suitable for indoor use. Equipment should be kept dry and protected from the elements.